Bio - quakingaspenfineart
Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming

Photographer/Owner Leslie E. Bucklin

Find QUAKING ASPEN FINE ART in the Gallery outside the Dixie Girl Restaurant, 1789 Central Ave., in downtown Los Alamos, NM. 

PHOTOGRAPHER'S BIO Leslie grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and after a few years in both Colorado and California, she has returned to Los Alamos to raise her family in the community she loves. 

Her passion for fine art and photography was nurtured by her parents as a child, and led her to pursue a degree in photography and digital imaging. She has been a freelance portrait and wedding photographer for 19 years, and is currently the Los Alamos County staff photographer and graphic designer. She finds joy in photographing where she has been and what she has seen, so she can share her experiences with everyone. 

Quaking Aspen Fine Art features a collection of favorite moments and experiences set aside just for you. Enjoy! 

qua•king asp•en (kwkng)
n. - a North American poplar (Populus tremuloides) with small, flat-stemmed leaves that tremble in the lightest breeze. This quaking of the leaves produces a soft sound that many consider a hallmark of the Quaking Aspen; also referred to as the Trembling Poplar. 

los al•a•mos (lɒs ˈæləmɒs)
n. - Spanish: "The Poplars"
n. - (placename) a town in north central New Mexico; founded as a secret community for the Manhattan Project during World War II